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By , June 17, 2017 12:13 pm

Miguel Cotto of Puerto has announced that he would be going in against Yishihiro Kamegai of Japan in the coming month of August at California.

In previous times, Cotto has won world titles in four different weight divisions all the way from the light welterweight through to middleweight.

However, since losing the WBC middleweight belt to Saul Alvarez in a lopsided unanimous decision in Las Vegas back in November 2015, Cotto has never been in a fight.

Some of his notable wins in his career includes Zab Judah (TKO11, 2007), Shane Mosley (UD, 2007), Ricardo Mayorga (TKO12, 2012) and Sergio Martinez (RTD10, 2014).

He also had a beautiful rematch victory against Antonio Margarito whom he stopped in the 9th round back in 2011.

Margarito had earlier stopped Cotto three years earlier in the 11th round thus carting home his WBA World Welterweight title. The former was caught in his very next fight attempting to make use of illegal wrappings on his hand in the dressing room before his unsuccessful title defence against Shane Mosley. Continue reading 'COTTO VS. KAMEGAI FOR WBO MIDDLEWEIGHT TITLE IN AUGUST'»

Sergio Martinez Remains A Winner Among His Fans

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By , June 6, 2016 12:15 pm

Those who are fans of Sergio Martinez would surely be missing him from the rings.

However, they need to concede to the fact that, a fighter needs to retire at the right time, preferably when he is on a high. Sergio followed that trend and gave up his active boxing career in 2015. Sergio decided to hang up his gloves when he was still the middleweight champion in the world category. He is considered the Argentine star. His retirement was announced in Canastota in New York during the Hall of Fame event. Martinez gave a good speech when he retired, stating that it was time for him to find new horizons in his life.

The speech that he gave was touching and inspiring. It was a just time for him to retire at age forty. In his last fight on June 2014 he dropped off around three times and lost to Miguel Cotto. It was evident that his health was failing and his knee was in bad condition. Martinez announced his retirement in the special weekend event and everyone in media bid him a grand farewell, stating that his elite skills in fighting and his professionalism were qualities admired by all and would be missed for sure. Continue reading 'Sergio Martinez Remains A Winner Among His Fans'»

Sergio Martinez should fight Golovkin to return to prominence

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By , December 11, 2014 1:00 pm

The life of a boxer can be very cruel – at one moment, he might be standing atop the pinnacle of his career and in the very next he might become so irrelevant that it would be a surprise that he was so good once.

That is what has happened to Argentine boxer and former lineal Middleweight champion Sergio Martinez who seems to have lost all that magic that saw him regularly ranked within the top ten Pound for Pound fighters in the world a mere six months back.

The Argentine suffered a technical knockout defeat inĀ  his last outing in what could only be termed as the worst fight of his career as Miguel Cotto toyed with him before knocking him out in the tenth round.

Despite the performance, many believe Martinez might have re-injured one or both of his knees as the fight wore on and that caused him to completely capitulate in front of the hard hitting Cotto.

But that doesn’t take away the fact that despite it all, Sergio Martinez fought like a true warrior till the very end and he will be hoping he still has that fight left in him as he looks to mount a comeback. No one will know the feeling better than Cotto, who says a boxer is just one fight away from redemption.

And one fight that might give the Argentine his old charm and relevance back is a bout against the unified Middleweight champion Gennady Golovkin. He is a talented boxer and he is looking to make a name for himself by fighting an accomplished big name with a huge fan following and with the options limited in front of him, it might just give Sergio Martinez the opportunity he is seeking to return to prominence and put the loss to Cotto behind him.

Golovkin promoter Tom Loeffler talks Sergio Martinez, Floyd Mayweather

By , November 24, 2013 6:36 pm

Sergio Martinez Video Ranking: four / five


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Sergio Martinez Video clip Ranking: four / 5