Sergio Martinez vs Matthew Macklin: Will Sergio put Macklin under the knife?

By , June 6, 2012 1:38 am

Sergio Martinez Video clip Score: four / five

25 Responses to “Sergio Martinez vs Matthew Macklin: Will Sergio put Macklin under the knife?”

  1. MrTrill1970 says:

    LOL!! ur kidding right? lets see Mosely,Hatton,De la hoya,Marquez,Castillio,and next month Cotto buying fights bro? You lose stripes when you say dumb stuff like that on a boxing page

  2. SWOgottaGO says:

    Mayweather buy his fights.

  3. MrTrill1970 says:

    oh yeah no boxer that steps thru the ropes to throw an recieve punches is a fraud I have sparred over 500 rounds and when I started I found out fast that getting hit in that ring takes heart and I found out who I really was the first time I was sitting on the mat looking up at a kid 15 years younger than me trust and believe outside of Margarito and Resto there are no frauds in the ring when the punches start flying

  4. MrTrill1970 says:

    Lol!! I seen that bro maybe you should gloss over my comments I am a fan of Sergio its seems to me from all your comments across the board you are determined to argue with someone anyone about Mayweather bigragu didn’t take the bait I guess its my turn here goes. Sergio,Mayweather,Manny are all great fighters I don’t have to hate 1 too like the other I judge fighters by what they do in the ring period. A true fan of BOXING would not be having this convo from Tua to Briscoe Im a fan

  5. nfpmg says:

    I know who Larry Merchant is. Mayweather. Floyd say’s he’s gonna give a toe to toe war but I dont believe that cause I dont think he could beat Cotto if he did. Mayweather’s just gonna Box his usuall way and counter and outbox Cotto. I reckon it’ll be close but Floyd will take it. Maybe SD. Regardless of what you think about Floyd (if your a fan or not) you cant deny his ability and I dont think he can be beaten. Not yet anyway, Khan wants to fight him in a few years when he’s 37/38

  6. SWOgottaGO says:

    The Ledderman on that fight was his daughter and she was seeing the wrong fight hahaha

    Here in the States Larry was always talking about De La Hoya but not anymore (the 80 year old who Mayweather disrespected on National TV *facepalm*)

    Prediction on Cotto-Mayweather?

  7. SWOgottaGO says:

    I guess you didn’t see when Martinez literally murdered the champion Kelly Pavlik which was abusing in the 160 pound division as a champion. Martinez step up and murdered him and he did it because no one wants to fight him at his weight. Everyone was in awe!

    When was the last time Floyd step up a division and murdered a true champion in his prime?

    If you bring Ortiz because we all know how cheap it was and he didn’t murdered him. Now I’ve NEVER seen someone so happy over a loss.

  8. nfpmg says:

    Ledderman? I didn’t hear HBO commentary. Im in Ireland, we have Sky Sport’s(where the commentators are a shower of biased bastards). I heard he was givin Martinez abuse and then praising him at the end of the fight.

  9. MrTrill1970 says:

    Well actually I like Floyd and I also like Martinez for different reasons of course. But I’m trying to figure out is even after seeing Sergio dismantle Macklin brick by game brick I still feel like he needs a definitive win over a world class fighter for some reason Cintron,Williams and Macklin who I think Sergio would have stopped earlier if he would have been more focused before the fake knockdown. #3 pound for pound I think not

  10. SWOgottaGO says:

    If you’re talking about hype then you must be talking about Floyd!

  11. MrTrill1970 says:

    I like Martinez he has good power which he carries late he has a good elusive tricky defense which I enjoy he punches from all kind of crazy angles has great stamina solid chin and great foot work. That being said I still feel like something is missing I can’t put my finger on it but for some reason I don’t believe the hype and I don’t have a valid reason to not believe but I gotta itch that says don’t. Help bros!!! why won’t I trust this cats talent???

  12. SWOgottaGO says:

    Don’t get it personal but after you jumped in Fraud Mayweather’s bandwagon I don’t care much of what you said.

  13. bigragu says:

    Yes, it was a good call. The same call I put up in a video and gave many reasons why it would happen that way.

  14. chikanocity says:

    No one of those fagots wants to fight martinez !!

  15. chikanocity says:

    Fat fagot segio is the best!!!

  16. araxis666 says:

    It would be a terrible decision, it’s not like Ward is even that popular overall. Plus Martinez is barely a middleweight, although he’s been impressing with his stoppages lately. Id love to see him move down to 154 or stay put but fight someone like Kirkland, Angulo, Canelo, Chavez Jr. Lots of HBO fighters out there… Why wont it happen?

  17. SWOgottaGO says:

    Great call!

    Macklin pulled that dirty knock down on Martinez but Martinez got 2 on him.

    What’s up with Ledderman? lol

  18. DevineBovine528 says:

    @jabjabgrab123 yea, cause his knockout ratio really suggests that huh?

  19. FireGuyX says:

    Oh and I don’t think this will be an easy fight for Martinez, despite being heavily favored.

  20. FireGuyX says:

    I’m a fan of Macklin, I don’t know if he stands a chance against Martinez. But where is the Dawson vs Hopkins II prediction?

  21. nfpmg says:

    Macklin will be stopped in the later rounds. Hes tailor made for Sergio. He’s gonna take the first half of the fight with the exceptions of a couple of rounds but as it goes on Macklins just gona walk onto too many punches. And for people sayin he has no chin cause he got knocked out by Jamie Moore, should take a look into Macklin’s preparations for that fight and what he had to go through! Macklin has as solid chin as anyone out there. But he will take too many punches and they add up.

  22. bigragu says:

    I believe that would be the end of Martinez’s reign if he were to do that.

  23. bigragu says:

    He deserves one but the top 160’s all left for 168. AA won’t get him near the money he once commanded before the Super 6. Sturm, Bika..nothing there.

  24. bigragu says:

    His KO record says otherwise. The numbers don’t lie in this case.

  25. J0k3r4U says:

    I want to offer you a recording contract! lol