Sergio Martinez vs. Matthew Macklin: Martinez working out for bout

By , July 4, 2012 6:32 am

Sergio Martinez Online video Ranking: 4 / 5

24 Responses to “Sergio Martinez vs. Matthew Macklin: Martinez working out for bout”

  1. latinluigi says:

    Holy Shit his Jab is amazing! And his work on the Double end bag is ridiculous! He will pick paper champ chavez apart when they fight in Septemer…speed kills!

  2. fighthub says:

    along with his reflexes. 

  3. vinceslapchopper says:

    his right hook looks ridiculously sharp, wow….

  4. BoxingProtege says:


  5. BoxingProtege says:


  6. SuperLilGary says:

    This is OLD ASS footage you guys are frauds will flag & mark as spam.

  7. soulinthewall77 says:

    Isn’t this old footage of Sergio Martinez, in preparation for his fight against Darren Barker? Well, at least, he seems to be wearing the same exact clothes as he was in footage I’ve seen, several months ago. Anyhow, I’m looking forward to this fight. ‘Hope it’s a good one. Macklin comes to fight, for sure.

  8. nevlad1 says:

    fuck u ludacris loooking mother fucker….. man u are 1 skinny looking negro

  9. ANTPHRESSH89 says:

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  10. ItsCurtis94 says:

    with his work ethic within a few years its doesn’t sound like ward would get it that easy.

  11. GivenQuality24 says:

    I agree but I just want to see him vs a quality opponent whom is not taylor made for him. There is no point for Sergio to be calling for FMJ nor Pac, he got plenty of worthy comp if he just went up. 

  12. scooterleftie says:

    martinez is streets ahead of chavez jr. the only problem could be the massive weight difference on the night.

  13. nevlad1 says:

    ortiz cant fight for shit

  14. nevlad1 says:

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  15. fighthub says:

    no, martinez walks around 162.

  16. fighthub says:

    sergio would get taken to school

  17. fighthub says:

    you really think the fight could go either way?

  18. PureBoxerP4P says:

    Martinez needs a haircut

  19. ANTPHRESSH89 says:


  20. ANTPHRESSH89 says:

    fuck you nevlad your the bitch martinez would own you in thr ring so shut the fuck up talkin shit

  21. 2bchan says:

    Sergio looks sharp. I would have rather seen him and Mayeather fight. Not Cotto.

  22. humbertocstll33 says:

    I Want To See Chavez Jr. vs. Martinez. I Think It Would Be A Good Fight. And I Think Martinez Would Be The Toughest Challenge For Chavez Jr. I Think That Fight Could Go Either Way. But, I Would Give Chavez Jr. The Unanimous Decision.

  23. PortOrangeGuy says:

    i thought they said he walks around 175?

  24. lahkidd says:

    Fight Martinez?? Pacquiao looked like shiittttt against a 135 lbs fighter(Marquez) and you want him to fight a middleweight Champion?? You obviously know nothing of this sport……. keep hugging paquiao’s nutts!!