Sergio Martinez Pleads In Court Not Guilty

By , October 6, 2017 7:08 am

According to the police Sergio Jose Martinez, who is now 31 years old had attacked two women

He is also known as ‘serial immigration violator’ appeared in the court on the morning of Thursday and was presented in front of a big jury handed up a 27-count indictment against him.

The indictment that was reported first by the Oregonian, includes first-degree of burglary, four counts each, sexual abuse of first-degree, kidnapping of first-degree, and robbery of first-degree. In addition, he is also charged for the two counts sodomy of first-degree, assault of second-degree, and unlawful use of a weapon, he was also charged for carrying an unauthorized vehicle, ID theft, and one count of criminal trespass of first-degree.

The first attack happened when a woman was in her apartment Northeast Portland. She said, to allow the air to come inside, she kept some of the windows open during the early morning hours.

When a man, who was later identified as Martinez, entered the apartment of the woman and he was carrying a tapered metal rod with him. According to the documents produced in front of the court documents, he was mentioned that Martinez used to use the scarves and socks and bind her feet and hands together. He then blindfolded her and assaulted her sexually. The woman in her report told the police at that at the time she felt she was about to be killed.

There are other charges also present on this one time wrestler. To know more about the charges that has been put on the Sergio Jose Martinez, one can search the details online.

Well the continuous involvement of Sergio Jose Martinez in various types of illegal and unlawful activities has completely finished his career in the wrestling and he is also not left with any supporter.

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