Sergio Martinez | Open Workout | Sept. 27, 2011

By , November 22, 2010 6:35 pm

Sergio Martinez Video clip Score: 4 / five

17 Responses to “Sergio Martinez | Open Workout | Sept. 27, 2011”

  1. zorro75 says:

    “que hace boludo??!!!” lol

  2. tappingninja says:

    @calimexstyle3000 Lisa Ann would probably rip you in half before the former happens that whore is a man eater…

  3. calimexstyle3000 says:

    lol lisa ann at the very end! i’d rip her in half…sergio probably tapped that S*** already

  4. MortalSyntax says:

    @williamsiller80 I wish he had the balls to move up. He can beat some of those guys.
    Huge fan but thats the only problem i have with him.

  5. nightmare187able says:

    I just hope his next fight is with mayweather or pacquiao

  6. williamsiller80 says:

    @MortalSyntax no one wants to fight him,that’s why he lacks opponent after destroying pavlik and williams.

  7. tekodandy says:


  8. GigityGigity90 says:

    Does anyone know what channel this will be on in the UK?

  9. kingdaleclarke says:

    @eugeniorude why? martinez is a nice guy unlike floyd

  10. MrAsschannel1 says:

    martinez vs gayweather

  11. gangstanikes says:

    i wanna jump in a time machine straight to Saturday

  12. eldime1234 says:

    el mejor boxeador del mundo…

  13. eugeniorude says:

    please martinez vs mayweather at a catch weight please ??? i wana see martinez on the floor

  14. MortalSyntax says:

    They picked the wrong opponent. Barker is/was the European champ but he has no marketability what so ever.He inst even big in the UK.
    Dzinziruk had fought in the states before. Had and still has a title and had a good record.

  15. odin422 says:

    so this is like in a closet? it is TINY

  16. MmmABoxingShare says:

    Get him Sergio.Make a case out there for the big fights.KO that ass.

  17. matrixlone says:

    Sergio #1