Sergio Martinez looking for one last comeback

By , March 17, 2015 3:16 pm

Legendary Argentine boxer and former World Boxing Council or the WBC’s Super Middleweight champion Sergio Martinez has stressed that he is still looking to make a comeback to the ring and is pulling out all the stops in order to ensure that it does happen soon.

Martinez has not fought competitively inside the ring since he suffered a devastating knockout defeat at the hands of Miguel Cotto last June at the fabled Madison Square Garden Arena in the United States of America but he remains as eager to get back inside the squared circle as he always has been in his career.

The Argentine fighter has had to deal with several injury problems throughout the last two years of his career with his fragile knees being of most concern for his doctors.

Sergio Martinez said that it was a very difficult decision to take regarding the future of his career, adding that he wants to retire from the sport with a victory in his last bout but if the doctors advise him against it and tell him it is time for him to hang up the gloves, he will have to do it.

He went on to add that for the moment now, he will have a month and a half of treatment on his knee in Spain and it will be followed by another check up which may as well prove conclusive evidence about the condition of his knee and whether it can withstand another bout.

According to Sergio Martinez, he plans to do whatever he can do to take a successful return to the ring but at the moment, with the struggles  his body is going through, it seems like a pretty difficult task but he doesn’t want to give up before the doctors say that he has to.

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