Sergio Martinez Is Remembered For His Talents

By , August 12, 2016 9:05 am

Even if a fighter is not active any more that does not make him disappear from the minds of fans, especially if he created an impact that was long lasting at the time when he was fighting.

Sergio Martinez is considered to be one of the greatest boxers in the middleweight category and he has every right to deserve such a reputation. Those who are looking to see a return flight of this celebrated boxer that might not be coming soon as he retired at the age of forty, with his knee having been shattered in the last fight. He definitely reined the boxing ring while he fought. Having fought and won over fifty fights he has been a legend in the boxing arena. His face has already started to gain wrinkles at the age of forty.

Most of his fans miss him for the grace and talent that he showcased that was one of a kind. That does not stop many fans from eagerly following up on the last fight where his opponent made it tough for him. Mathew Macklin was the one who pushed him close which many fans of Martinez regret. Many fans and experts state that Martinez still stood up even after getting injured in that fight. Sergio had remained the unquestioned champion in his category and his reign continued from 2010 to 2014.

It might be stated that Sergio did get the tough work put up for him as he started to take on fighters who were decades older to him. For instance, the fight against Murray had taken place in 2013 when Martinez had been injured and it definitely weakened his 38 year old frame. Even though that fight had been in his favor he did not fare well after that. After the fight in June 2014 against Miguel Cotto, he decided to retire. However, for his fans, he is still a star who could have put up against most of the fighters in the ring.

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