Sergio Martinez hints at retirement

By , May 10, 2015 9:45 am

Having not fought in a competitive fixture since suffering a devastating defeat at the hands of Miguel Cotto last year, Argentine boxing legend Sergio Martinez could just be heading towards retirement.

It was clear during that bout against Cotto that Martinez was not in his peak physical condition and it became very clear that he had not overcome the accumulated damage his right knee had suffered – though he had the general leading other way ahead of the fight.

Since then, he has spent the last ten months in Spain, his adopted home, trying desperately to treat the various ailments that ail his right knee in the hope of negating yet another surgery that would surely end his career once and for all. However, the results have not been there. The treatment has not gone as he would have hoped for and now, he is intimating that it might just be time to hang up the gloves.

Speaking about his return, Sergio Martinez said that he would love to go on but his injuries have been complicating even his daily life. The Argentine said that the meniscus is torn apart, and he has had to wear insoles in his shoes to be able to walk properly without the pain. And he admits that being 40 years old does not help the cause as well.

Martinez has been moonlighting as a stand-up comic during his off time but his real goal remains getting back inside the ring and fight one more time in a farewell fight in front of his home fans who have adored him ever since he burst onto the scene. But according to Sergio Martinez, he will know within the next few weeks if that if possible and will make a certain decision about his future in that time.

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