Sergio Martinez Biography

By , December 6, 2011 2:08 pm

Sergio Martinez is a professional boxer who hails from Argentina. He was born in Buenos Aires on the 21st of February in the year 1975. He was born in Avellaneda and later his family shifted to Buenos Aires. His father worked in the construction business and also worked as a metal worker. Sergio also joined the family business along with his two brothers but he could not concentrate in the work as he was always inclined towards sports and athletics. He was a keen cyclist in his school days and won quite a number of events in the school level. Sergio also played soccer which is a popular sport in Argentina and represented local clubs and schools in local soccer events.

In the year 1995, he started taking boxing seriously and trained with his uncle who was a popular boxer. His uncle spotted the talent in young Sergio Martinez and he started working very hard with him. As an amateur boxer, Sergio made quite a name for him and won a record 39 out of the 41 matches he won with just two defeats. He was often pitted against more experienced boxers who were stronger than him, but he remained undaunted and competed with a lot of fury and intent. The secret behind his success was that he was very energetic and would never seem to tire even if he received a lot of beating. During matches suddenly he would find new vigor and energy that saw him through to the end.

Sergio Martinez started playing at the professional level since the age of 22 and his professional career started in Argentina. He won all of the matches hi fought and most experts attribute this to the low level of boxing and poor competition in the country. But he won the matches and that is what counts. He picked up the welterweight champion title and ventures into the United States looking for better competition. In the US he fought against Antonio Margarito who was a very established fighter. In the very first round Sergio suffered a knockdown with set him back by quite a few points, by the 7th round, Sergio was bleeding profusely and had many open wounds thus forcing the referee to stop the match and the winner was Morgarito. After his setback, Sergio Martinez returned to Argentina and won all matches there pretty easily and then he shifted to Spain

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