Robert Garcia wants Floyd to fight Sergio Martinez

By , October 7, 2013 8:51 am

Renowned boxing trainer Robert Garcia is of the opinion that Pound for Pound boxing king Floyd Mayweather Jr. has very little options in front of in terms of big money bouts for the remaining four bouts left in his contract with CBS/Showtime. Garcia also believes that one of those few options include taking on a Middleweight fighter as his next opponent on a pay per view date.

Garcia also believes that the American boxer, the World Boxing Council or the WBC Welterweight Championship holder has single handedly cleaned out the Welterweight and Junior Middleweight divisions and the only option he has at the moment is to fight a Middleweight fighter, someone like Sergio Martinez.

Garcia knows Mayweather Jr. will have to make the move up to the Middleweight division to fight the WBC Middleweight champion, something he has declined to do on many previous occasions but the scarcity of options might just force him to take the risk this time. The punters on Unibet reckon this will happen.

Garcia also knows it will be a fight that will be very difficult to put together for the promoters of the respective fighters with Sergio Martinez contracted to HBO whereas Mayweather Jr. is fighting on Showtime.

However, he still thinks that the fight will be a huge draw in terms of crowd and is the best option by far that Mayweather Jr. has of putting together a big money fight. According to Garcia, Mayweather Jr. has to think about moving up weight divisions and might as well go to the 160 lbs division and take on someone like Sergio Martinez.

Mayweather Jr. might also be able to pull some strings and get Martinez to get HBO to give him permission to fight on Showtime because there are doubts whether he would move networks because he is the bigger name of the two.

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