Robert Garcia believes that Sergio Martinez will be a little too much for Miguel Cotto

By , August 6, 2014 12:14 am

Sergio Martinez Online video Rating: four / five

25 Responses to “Robert Garcia believes that Sergio Martinez will be a little too much for Miguel Cotto”

  1. SdotVdotHeHott says:

    If Cotto beats Martinez the other Guy top stank got is Bradley that’s a
    monster fight!!!! Especially if Bradley gets pass pacman again.

  2. 24Devaughn says:

    Didnt watch. He said that because of cottos trainer #bias

  3. Enrique Morgan says:

    Everyone is intitled to there own opinion,But in all honesty we dont really
    know the outcome..Both have been broken in the past and at there age we
    really dont know.True Cotto looked hella good againts Rodriguez but who the
    fuck is he?! Sergio is getting up there and did not look good in his last
    fight neither,he has been off for a while now.In there prime we would be
    able to somehow guess,but at this point in time none of us know.Not picking
    anyone good luck to both.But wudove to see it being a boxing fan to the

  4. Jiggyj16 says:

    Cotto win by UD..

  5. mellow412 says:

    Martinez looked how he did in his last fight because he went into it with
    injuries & re injured an old injury as well..full year off to heal he
    should look better

  6. undergroundunit12 says:


  7. ANTPHRESSH says:


  8. MrRedskins0021 says:

    Cotto is going to get killed.

  9. YeahNahWhateva says:

    wow look at Robert Garcia finally giving Cotto some respect on camera. As
    an experienced fighter and trainer and fan I can’t seem to fathom how
    Garcia says Sergio is smarter than Cotto in the ring. I think Cotto made
    huge mistakes against Pacquiao but Cotto has proved to me that he
    definitely maintains consciousness of who is winning while in the ring. For
    that reason I see Cotto being more successful on offense if it goes 12 rds.
    Sergio invites pressure but does not like to get hit. He can easily get
    knocked down. I believe Cotto will based on experience and heart. I am
    afraid of Sergio’s counter- speed and power. Hopefully Cotto defends well
    while on the attack. Cotto by KO in rd. 11

  10. SpagGotSkills says:

    i think the age and injuries might have caught up with martinez, but well
    see. Im picking cotto by UD

  11. Alonzo Perez says:

    Martinez! By manslaughter. ..Martinez has been fighting guys 40 pound more
    then Miguel …and let’s not forgot what trout did to cotto…and trout is
    a southpaw….now imagine what Martinez will do to him

  12. Luis Serrano says:

    Robert. Too bad but you were very wrong.

  13. Kerem Gokce says:

    I like Robert, he’s quite humble. 

  14. suckmykiack says:

    If Martinez comes out looking the same way he did a year ago in Argentina,
    he’s fucked. And if cottos power somehow carries over to 160, Martinez is

  15. Pete Griffiths says:

    “He’s not gonna fight GGG”
    I’m sure he isn’t. :)

  16. Ray Munoz says:

    Great insight on how Cotto can bounce between Top Rank and Golden Boy for
    that big payday. Never thought of that. 

  17. Gabriel Cubas says:

    Garcia and the jibru shut the f up. You said that ur boy punching bag ríos
    and lucas were going to lose. This dude Garcia always talking smack about
    Miguel Cotto and Danny Garcia why…. Because Cotto beat margachito on the
    rematch and Danny Garcia didn’t fight Brandon punch bag ríos flat nose when
    Brandon was trying to get Garcia to fight him back then. Now why Mexico
    hate on Puerto Rico because are legal here in USA lmao…. Mama Bichos “

  18. BigDigga0 says:

    really robert!? martinez is smarter than cotto in the ring? wonder what
    makes him say that. i think cotto’s the craftier fighter who can set up his
    punches in better fashion

  19. knockowt kinngz says:

    Cotto has no shot what so ever that is why he making so many demands.
    Floyd almost KO’ed him, Pacman basically did, and Trout just annihilated
    him for twelve rounds. Now he wants Martinez ??? Cotto is slower, less
    power, and stamina isn’t good enough. This almost a tune up for Sergio
    after fighting to people who were 190 plus on fight night (Chavez
    192/Murray 186). I don’t think Cotto beats Chavez nor Murray……

  20. Nifty .Tech says:

    Martinez is done,he was never a big middleweight to begin with and his legs
    are gone whether Cotto can beat him though is another story.

  21. Kerem Gokce says:

    50/50 fight but I believe cotto will drop Martinez 

  22. wahwah280 says:

    Martinez might stop cotto…and i love cotto…

  23. 10papa10 says:

    winner of this fight has to be challenging canelo and then winner match
    mayweather may 2015

  24. MyYKz says:

    Ohh shit Cotto vs kid chocolate

  25. CoKe CaRTeL says:

    Nah not after Martinez last performance he lost but got hometown decision