Golovkin promoter Tom Loeffler talks Sergio Martinez, Floyd Mayweather

By , November 24, 2013 6:36 pm

Sergio Martinez Video Ranking: four / five

25 Responses to “Golovkin promoter Tom Loeffler talks Sergio Martinez, Floyd Mayweather”

  1. BirdsEyeBoxing says:

    GGG v Floyd would be epic. I am from the UK. Nobody over here wants to see
    Floyd fight Amir Khan. Richard Schaefer is talking bullshit. Khan is not
    Ricky Hatton. Khan does not have a huge following over here. Everyone here
    in the UK knows that Khan is washed up and is planning to retire next year.
    He just wants one last big pay day by fighting Floyd before retiring. He
    does not deserve the fight or the pay day. Plus it’s a mismatch. Khan is a
    B-List fighter on his best night. Floyd is pure A-List. If Floyd gives him
    the fight, it will be bad for boxing and damage Mayweather’s legacy. How
    can Floyd and Golden Boy not realise what a mistake and insult to fans this
    fight would be?? 

  2. turkyish says:

    haha,,,why would Floyd fight ggg,,,,hes a 160 fighter,,,Floyd cant even
    make 154

  3. Twise1012 says:

    To all the people who want to see floyd fight Triple G want him to lose so
    bad yall want him to fight muthafuckas two divisions above him. We wont get
    the best floyd mayweather if he moved up.

  4. Twise1012 says:

    Triple G should fight martinez,ward,froch,quillin.not floyd mayweather.
    Mayweather is a fucking welterweight plus he is on showtime.

  5. Gus rush says:

    Curtis stevens is not a top 10 middleweight. That fight was too easy for

  6. speedy gonzalez says:


  7. Pretty Boy Paul says:

    Lol GGG is in middle weight Floyd can’t even make 154. . Andre ward would
    box GGG and make it look easy

  8. cantina4celly says:

    Floyd is ducking GGG. No surprise.

  9. MrBoxingaddict says:

    Maybe you should read comments before replying? I said ..’Froch has better
    skills, power, and chin than anyone GGG has currently faced’….That’s why
    his promoter is more interested in fighting a bum like Chavez.

  10. milkey1 says:

    Floyd better listen to his daddy and stay far away from GGG

  11. milkey1 says:

    Toms got a jewl with ggg

  12. John Doe says:

    Provodnikov can be in the mix too.

  13. John Doe says:

    Forget Mayweather. Just let Floyd fight people in his weight classes and
    then retire. Golovkin is a star in his own right and doesn’t need
    Mayweather but I’m sure the money would be good. Either way, I’d rather see
    Mayweather fight Khan, Bradley, Garcia, Pacquiao and then retire.

  14. ppsmusic says:

    no froch hasnt more power,. he hasnt more speed and he hasnt better
    technique. hes just taller

  15. Dominic Verdin says:

    Did Tom just check out the blonde passing by at 1:55? lol You go TOM playa!

  16. RIGO weather says:

    1:55 He shouldn’t have said that. This guy needs to go back to businees

  17. Alex Borisov says:

    Mackline disagrees 🙂

  18. dannycapone24 says:

    martinez would outbox and make ggg look silly

  19. Jdinero207 says:

    No Floyd would never even give him a shot so you’re right.

  20. powerfullforce says:

    No way he’s beating Mayweather lol

  21. MrBoxingaddict says:

    We saw the blueprint to beating GGG on Saturday night. Someone like Froch
    would be a great fight but may be too big a step, Froch has better skills,
    power, and chin than anyone GGG has currently faced. Love to see that
    fight! Can everyone stop with the Chavez talk, he is insignificant……

  22. codeman95291 says:

    I think Mayweather needs to fight these top notch fighters as soon as
    possible while he’s still young because eventually he’s going to decline
    he’s old he’s already lost his legs and his reflexes aren’t quite the
    same.. the next thing to go will probably be his hand speed

  23. Min K says:

    You meant Super Middleweight lol.

  24. Curtis Benjamin says:


  25. Curtis Benjamin says:

    I would watch GGG if he only fight on ppv.. if mayweather takes a fight
    with him..i think he would only take GGG as has last fight or maybe second
    to last…