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New Direction For Boxing At High Level

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By , October 17, 2014 10:32 am

Renaldo got a chance to box with Larry Holmes in the championship of heavyweight of the world. After the result Holmes was crowned as the winner and it got stopped in the 11th round. The fight could not have got any better for the fans.

That was 33 years before but today Juan Curial, police officer of Round lake founded a nonprofit organization as Hispanic American Community Partners. It was founded in 2007. The motive was to serve the youths of the area. From boxing in an amateur way to presenting classes, crafts and other programs of training the program expanded. The organization no longer continued because of the services provided. The mission of the organization is still the same but the acronym has changed to Hook, Aim, Cross and Punch.

It is largely due to the efforts of Curiel that boxing events concerning the youths have been formed in the area. Every year young athletes get a chance to showcase their talent and prove their mettle. HACP program gets funding from the money which is provided. American Boxing Association is also headed by Curiel. The distinction is that all the boxers are citizens of America. If any of them achieve the mission in the ring of boxing then the goal of the organization is achieved.

Promoters try to showcase new talent every year and it also creates awareness with a noble case. Making boxing a professional game for 19 years is a huge part and insurance to the champions is added incentive for the boxers. Letters will be distributed by the organization of America and the minister of education is also trying his level best to garner funds for the organization and support the boxers. It is a combination of good cause with sport.

Randy Orton ready to fight against all odds

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By , September 29, 2014 6:06 pm

Randy Orton is one of the most feared as well as appreciated superstars of WWE. There cannot be any question about his tenacity, fitness and the dedication which he takes pride in. His father was his greatest inspiration who featured in WWF as Bob Cowboy Orton. His son has not only inherited his skills but has also gone a long way in his career to become a legend himself. Over the years he has fought numerous superstars and has come up on the top in most of the cases. The WWE Championship has been won by him for about eight times and the World Heavyweight Championship has ended up in his kitty for four times.

Randy Orton burst into the scene with his stint with Revolution. Later he formed The Legacy with Cody Rhodes and Ted Dibiase. He also won the tag team championship a few times with various partners. However the greatest achievements came at a matured age when he became even more lethal and dynamic, defeating all the highest ranked players in some epic fights. There were some personal rivalries as well with the likes of John Cena and Undertaker. However he managed to come out on top most of the time with his dreaded finishing move called the RKO. Randy Orton is also a professionally trained soldier but ended up in the prison due to his bad conduct. WWE redeemed the man and he found his second home here. There has rarely been any looking back since his debut. Of late he is renewing a feud with another veteran Chris Jericho. This is proving to be good for him as it is inspiring him to be even better. The fans are looking forward to see the bad boy of WWE in ground breaking action.

Documentary On BJ Penn On The Cards On TV

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By , August 6, 2014 9:06 pm

With a unique honor, world renowned fighter BJ Penn has achieved a milestone. Covering the struggle, challenges and finally the achievements of the WWE fighter, a documentary film called “The rise of BJ Penn” has already been completed and the post production is also done. And the movie slated to release this fall.

When asked about the contents of the film, Penn has stated that the documentary will showcase every detail of his journey into wrestling. Right from interviews of his coaches, fellow fighters, managers, all of them have given their inputs into the film. On the other hand, this film will also present the personal history of BJ. Friends and family of Penn based in his hometown Hilo, have featured in this movie.

The producers of “The rise of BJ Penn” have also covered the scenario which has portrayed young BJ Penn making his debut into the bout world.

A lot of surprising elements have also been put into the movie that Penn’s fans are unaware of. Penn, before beginning his career as a professional fighter was an achiever in martial art. He has won several accolades in Jiu-Jitsu, which is a complex mixed martial art form famous in Japan.

As soon as Penn entered into the world of wrestling in no time he crossed the levels of lightweight, featherweight, welterweight, middleweight and finally the toughest heavyweight.

There are only a handful number of fighters in the UFC, who have successfully won several titles in different weight categories and BJ Penn is one of those rarest species of wrestlers.

During his interview to US sports portal Star Advertiser correspondent, Erika Engle, BJ Penn said that his documentary film will make his life an open book to his fans and followers.

Georges St Pierre Comments That Johny Hendricks Can Keep His Title, But He Is Open For A Replay

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By , July 22, 2014 11:01 am

Georges St Pierre, post bagging the title of welterweight in the Ultimate Fighting Championship 79 has with much success had defended the belt, which he finally had to surrender in December. The current owner of the belt is Johny Hendricks, and the Canadian national mixed martial expert doesn’t have any issues whatsoever with that and gladly says that Hendricks can very well keep the title.

It seems that St Pierre isn’t feeling at all resentful or bitter with Hendricks winning the title at UFC 171. While talking to a popular television channel he commented that it was completely his take to give the title away. Nobody had forced him to fight, and pretty similarly no one forced him to halt as well. In fact, St Pierre seems quite happy that Johny Hendricks bagged the title and thinks that is was a fair game.

When asked about a rematch session between Hendricks and him, St Pierre replied that what future hold for him in UFC is quite unknown still, until and unless his demands have been met pertaining to drugs testing in sports.

He added that if at all he makes a comeback, then he has to alter certain things about how the fight should be conducted. He clarified further that he has no problem with UFC, just that he wanted to take the sport to a new level.

Georges St Pierre also talked about the fact that he had spoken to Dana White, the UFC President and Lorenzo Fertitta the CEO about drug testing during UFC 167 and they had no reasons to be surprised about this issue.

Although St Pierre commended Hendricks on winning the title, however he further added that the latter should stick around a little bit longer and only the future will tell if things will change or not and the two might face off again.

Martinez vs. Miguel Cotto fight edges closer

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By , February 11, 2014 8:24 am

The long mooted fight between Argentine boxing legend Sergio Martinez and Miguel Cotto has moved a step closer to become a reality after the two boxers agreed to terms of the fight and the billing for the show.

It has been reported that the representatives of the two veteran boxers have been in negotiations for months over a clash on the 7th of June at the fabled Madison Square Garden in New York but minor details required ironing out which delayed the official announcement of the fight.

According to sources close to the camp of the Argentine, he is happy for the fight to be promoted as ‘Cotto vs. Martinez’, despite him being the World Boxing Council or the WBC Middleweight Championship holder.

If reports in his homeland are to be believed, this could be the last match for Sergio Martinez, who will turn 39 in February. Although he has cemented his legacy in his own right, he has struggled with injuries over the last few years and he was pushed close to the edge in his last few bouts against Darren Barker as well as two more British boxers in Matthew Macklin and Martin Murray.

Cotto, at 33 years old, is aiming for one last payday as well with many observers believing him to be past his days of glory and after some time off the sport, the man who has earned three world titles across three divisions is set for his final bow after the fight against Sergio Martinez.

Having hired famous trainer Freddie Roach, Cotto has shown glimpses of his old self but the fight against Martinez will be his first as a Middleweight and in spite of his impressive performance in his last fight, not many are giving him much of a chance against the Argentine.

Sergio Martinez the better option for Miguel Cotto

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By , December 18, 2013 10:09 am

Miguel Cotto is probably the happiest man in boxing right now. The Puerto Rican boxer has not had the best couple of years inside the ring, but the veteran boxer, one of the biggest and probably the most proven star in American boxing circles is juggling offers of taking on the new poster boy of Golden Boy Promotions Saul Alvarez as well as Argentina boxing legend Sergio Martinez.

The 33 year old was initially offered a staggering package of $ 10 million for a bout against Mexican up and comer Saul Alvarez for a March meeting. But now, he has been offered a bigger wallet to take on Martinez with reports emerging from Argentina putting the figure at over $ 15 million for a June showdown.

And he will be hoping that whatever matches he chooses, he will be able to come good after losing two consecutive matches in 2012. Although at 33 years of age, Cotto is perhaps not in his best shape, the match against Sergio Martinez presents him the unique opportunity for him to claim yet another world title.

Having won the world title in the 140, 147 and 154 lbs weight categories, a match against the Argentine will offer him the chance of winning his fourth title at the 160 lbs weight division.

And with Sergio Martinez not looking in the best of form, Cotto will look to take advantage of the situation as he looks to rebuild his career before pulling down the curtains on a glittering career. Having been battered for much of the game before winning his match against Martin Murray, Martinez will be returning to action for the first time in months for the match in June and this lack of action will be something that could work in favor of Cotto as well.