Georges St Pierre Comments That Johny Hendricks Can Keep His Title, But He Is Open For A Replay

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By Liam, July 22, 2014 11:01 am

Georges St Pierre, post bagging the title of welterweight in the Ultimate Fighting Championship 79 has with much success had defended the belt, which he finally had to surrender in December. The current owner of the belt is Johny Hendricks, and the Canadian national mixed martial expert doesn’t have any issues whatsoever with that and gladly says that Hendricks can very well keep the title.

It seems that St Pierre isn’t feeling at all resentful or bitter with Hendricks winning the title at UFC 171. While talking to a popular television channel he commented that it was completely his take to give the title away. Nobody had forced him to fight, and pretty similarly no one forced him to halt as well. In fact, St Pierre seems quite happy that Johny Hendricks bagged the title and thinks that is was a fair game.

When asked about a rematch session between Hendricks and him, St Pierre replied that what future hold for him in UFC is quite unknown still, until and unless his demands have been met pertaining to drugs testing in sports.

He added that if at all he makes a comeback, then he has to alter certain things about how the fight should be conducted. He clarified further that he has no problem with UFC, just that he wanted to take the sport to a new level.

Georges St Pierre also talked about the fact that he had spoken to Dana White, the UFC President and Lorenzo Fertitta the CEO about drug testing during UFC 167 and they had no reasons to be surprised about this issue.

Although St Pierre commended Hendricks on winning the title, however he further added that the latter should stick around a little bit longer and only the future will tell if things will change or not and the two might face off again.

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Miguel Cotto Knocks Sergio Martinez Down in Round 9 ᴴᴰ (June 7th 2014)

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Sergio Martinez says he will use intelligence to beat Cotto

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By admin, June 4, 2014 10:14 am

World Boxing Council or the WBA Middleweight champion Sergio Martinez says he will definitely outsmart his challenger Miguel Cotto as well as knock him out before the fight goes into the latter stages when they meet on the 7th of June at the Madison Square Garden Arena in New York City.

The Argentine also feels that his knee, which has been surgically repaired, is doing very well and according to Martinez, it feels that it didn’t have any trouble at all.

Martinez stated that the real difference in the fight will be his intelligence and his generalship inside the ring. He added that he has absolutely no doubt that the match will end in an early stoppage and the judges will not have to put too much work into the match. Martinez is extremely confident that the fight will not go the distance.

Sergio Martinez will not be the first person to hand a stoppage defeat to Cotto. There have been only two fighters previously who have registered knockout victories against the Puerto Rican boxer but both of them, including Manny Pacquiao, took a lot of punishment before eventually knocking him out.

The legendary Argentine boxer is eager to end his training schedule as early as possible and enter the ring for the fight. He also took a sly dig at Cotto by adding that he hopes he doesn’t hurt Freddie Roach too much.

The legendary boxing trainer has been talking to the media in recent times where he has claimed that Cotto has been hitting him so hard in training that he has been suffering physically.

According to Sergio Martinez, he is fit and fine and his knee is also healing perfectly. It seems as if the knee hadn’t been operated upon at all and hasn’t troubled him at all.

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