Sergio Martinez vs Kermit Cintron – Rounds 7 & 8

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miguel cotto vs sergio martinez who wins EsNews Boxing

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Sergio Martinez vs Antonio Margarito 3/3 (great quality)

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Martinez vs. Miguel Cotto fight edges closer

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The long mooted fight between Argentine boxing legend Sergio Martinez and Miguel Cotto has moved a step closer to become a reality after the two boxers agreed to terms of the fight and the billing for the show.

It has been reported that the representatives of the two veteran boxers have been in negotiations for months over a clash on the 7th of June at the fabled Madison Square Garden in New York but minor details required ironing out which delayed the official announcement of the fight.

According to sources close to the camp of the Argentine, he is happy for the fight to be promoted as ‘Cotto vs. Martinez’, despite him being the World Boxing Council or the WBC Middleweight Championship holder.

If reports in his homeland are to be believed, this could be the last match for Sergio Martinez, who will turn 39 in February. Although he has cemented his legacy in his own right, he has struggled with injuries over the last few years and he was pushed close to the edge in his last few bouts against Darren Barker as well as two more British boxers in Matthew Macklin and Martin Murray.

Cotto, at 33 years old, is aiming for one last payday as well with many observers believing him to be past his days of glory and after some time off the sport, the man who has earned three world titles across three divisions is set for his final bow after the fight against Sergio Martinez.

Having hired famous trainer Freddie Roach, Cotto has shown glimpses of his old self but the fight against Martinez will be his first as a Middleweight and in spite of his impressive performance in his last fight, not many are giving him much of a chance against the Argentine.

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