Sergio Martinez should fight Golovkin to return to prominence

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By index, December 11, 2014 1:00 pm

The life of a boxer can be very cruel – at one moment, he might be standing atop the pinnacle of his career and in the very next he might become so irrelevant that it would be a surprise that he was so good once.

That is what has happened to Argentine boxer and former lineal Middleweight champion Sergio Martinez who seems to have lost all that magic that saw him regularly ranked within the top ten Pound for Pound fighters in the world a mere six months back.

The Argentine suffered a technical knockout defeat inĀ  his last outing in what could only be termed as the worst fight of his career as Miguel Cotto toyed with him before knocking him out in the tenth round.

Despite the performance, many believe Martinez might have re-injured one or both of his knees as the fight wore on and that caused him to completely capitulate in front of the hard hitting Cotto.

But that doesn’t take away the fact that despite it all, Sergio Martinez fought like a true warrior till the very end and he will be hoping he still has that fight left in him as he looks to mount a comeback. No one will know the feeling better than Cotto, who says a boxer is just one fight away from redemption.

And one fight that might give the Argentine his old charm and relevance back is a bout against the unified Middleweight champion Gennady Golovkin. He is a talented boxer and he is looking to make a name for himself by fighting an accomplished big name with a huge fan following and with the options limited in front of him, it might just give Sergio Martinez the opportunity he is seeking to return to prominence and put the loss to Cotto behind him.

Sergio”Maravilla”Martinez vs Darren Barker

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Miguel Cotto vs Sergio Martinez

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New Direction For Boxing At High Level

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By Liam, October 17, 2014 10:32 am

Renaldo got a chance to box with Larry Holmes in the championship of heavyweight of the world. After the result Holmes was crowned as the winner and it got stopped in the 11th round. The fight could not have got any better for the fans.

That was 33 years before but today Juan Curial, police officer of Round lake founded a nonprofit organization as Hispanic American Community Partners. It was founded in 2007. The motive was to serve the youths of the area. From boxing in an amateur way to presenting classes, crafts and other programs of training the program expanded. The organization no longer continued because of the services provided. The mission of the organization is still the same but the acronym has changed to Hook, Aim, Cross and Punch.

It is largely due to the efforts of Curiel that boxing events concerning the youths have been formed in the area. Every year young athletes get a chance to showcase their talent and prove their mettle. HACP program gets funding from the money which is provided. American Boxing Association is also headed by Curiel. The distinction is that all the boxers are citizens of America. If any of them achieve the mission in the ring of boxing then the goal of the organization is achieved.

Promoters try to showcase new talent every year and it also creates awareness with a noble case. Making boxing a professional game for 19 years is a huge part and insurance to the champions is added incentive for the boxers. Letters will be distributed by the organization of America and the minister of education is also trying his level best to garner funds for the organization and support the boxers. It is a combination of good cause with sport.

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Randy Orton ready to fight against all odds

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By Liam, September 29, 2014 6:06 pm

Randy Orton is one of the most feared as well as appreciated superstars of WWE. There cannot be any question about his tenacity, fitness and the dedication which he takes pride in. His father was his greatest inspiration who featured in WWF as Bob Cowboy Orton. His son has not only inherited his skills but has also gone a long way in his career to become a legend himself. Over the years he has fought numerous superstars and has come up on the top in most of the cases. The WWE Championship has been won by him for about eight times and the World Heavyweight Championship has ended up in his kitty for four times.

Randy Orton burst into the scene with his stint with Revolution. Later he formed The Legacy with Cody Rhodes and Ted Dibiase. He also won the tag team championship a few times with various partners. However the greatest achievements came at a matured age when he became even more lethal and dynamic, defeating all the highest ranked players in some epic fights. There were some personal rivalries as well with the likes of John Cena and Undertaker. However he managed to come out on top most of the time with his dreaded finishing move called the RKO. Randy Orton is also a professionally trained soldier but ended up in the prison due to his bad conduct. WWE redeemed the man and he found his second home here. There has rarely been any looking back since his debut. Of late he is renewing a feud with another veteran Chris Jericho. This is proving to be good for him as it is inspiring him to be even better. The fans are looking forward to see the bad boy of WWE in ground breaking action.